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We read “The Chrysanthemums” and “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” for this assignment, and you had listened to the mini-lectures on Marginal Gain and Priggogine’s structure of change. You have done quizzes on them in the FORUM and should be familiar with the relevant themes. The should have determined the major ideas you want to write about with regards to self-cultivation for this module. You should have between four ideas to work on. Some examples of the major ideas are: Jonathan’s quest for perfection, Elisa’s rejections of fights, The flock’s acceptance of mediocrity, and The peddler’s deceit.” Of course, you are supposed to choose the attribute of your choice and not rely on the example I have given above though you still need to use these characters to write about.


You should at least have five paragraphs, ONE introductory paragraph, and FOUR supporting paragraphs, one paragraph for each of these characters. You may also use other attributes of these characters, but you should have the characters and the attributes. We have learned how to write Introductory Paragraph, Topic Sentences and Topic Paragraphs. If you have any problems, visit the PPT mini-lectures to remind yourself how you should do this. You can also visit the exercises we did for topic sentence and topic paragraph. Remember all the parts you have to do for topic sentences and topic paragraphs. Create transitions between each paragraph. You determine the number of paragraphs you need, but it should not be less than five: Introductory Paragraph with a thesis, and four Topic Paragraphs [at least one for each character / attribute].

Paragraph development

You may choose to have a concluding paragraph, but we will focus more on this in your next assignment. In the introductory paragraph, discuss why it is so important to find ways for self-cultivation and the consequences for the failure to do so. You should also have a thesis, the last sentences, in your introductory paragraph. In this assignment, you will write a 750-1000 words, type-written essay discussing the dominant issues surrounding self-cultivation. You ma go over the word count, but you may not do less than 750 words. Purpose: This assignment requires that you look at materials from the readings and integrate them into a cohesive essay. You should see how the essays we have read are related to the various themes on self-cultivation. You have to fully develop the ideas into a cohesive essay that shows me what you have to say about the importance of self-cultivation.


Instead of abstract notions about the self-cultivation. You have to use the ideas we have read thus far to do this assignment. It is imperative that you consider the ideas deeply. Organization: It is important to show that as a result of having taken this class. You are able to write a topic paragraph differently. Within the structure we have been working on, you can still be extremely creative with the content; in fact, you are responsible to be creative with the content. Please make sure you refer closely to the format of how to write the Introductory Paragraph [and thesis], Topic Sentences, and Topic Paragraphs.

If you run into trouble doing this assignment, you are welcome to make an phone appointment to meet with me to talk about how you can do this assignment. You may also text me. If you text me, give me some time to return your message. All work must be turned in to Canvas.

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