Parent Interview – Capstone Assignment

Parent Interview

Here are the instructions for the Parent Interview. Please upload a copy of your paper on this web site and turn in a paper copy to me in class. Parent Interview Sp21.pdfSOCI 181B Senior Capstone — PARENT INTERVIEW one parent about their education and about their job history. Then write up the story of your parent’s education and occupational history. You should aim for a 30-minute interview. If you do not have access to a parent, then interview an adult who has been important in your growing up. In preparation for this interview, you want to know some of the major dates in the lives of your parents, beginning with their birth date. You also want to know some other important dates in their lives and in the life of your family.

For example, this might be a date of moving from one place to another, changing houses, changing jobs and locations, the birth of children (brothers and sisters), or even an important news event that effected your family. For some of you, your parent may insist that they do not have much to say, because they did not achieve as much education as they wished, or because they feel their jobs have not been important. Your task is to find out as much as possible, because everything your parents have achieved is important to your life. The parent Interview: First, you want to ask about when and where they went to school. As best as possible, you want to know dates as well as specific schools and towns of your parent’s education.

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If they do not know exactly, you as the social scientist want to be prepared to help them remember the dates and places. Second, you want to document all the jobs your parent has had in their life. This may be complicated if they have had many jobs, but your task is to find out and to document this work. That means you want to get as many details as possible such as company names, place names, dates, the names of bosses and significant people. The last two questions to ask your parent are, third, what, in their opinion, is the relationship between their education and their jobs, and fourth, what have they learned in their lives that is important for them to tell you as you prepare to graduate from college.

The Paper: Once you have collected this information, you must write a story based on the information that tells us about your parents’ education and their jobs.  As a social scientist, you must tell your readers when, where and how you collected the information, and if the interview was in a language other than English, you must tell the reader. In addition to telling what you learned, you should evaluate what they tell you about the relationship between their education and their jobs. You might want to pay careful attention to the reasons they did or did not complete the education they wanted, as well as what pushed or encouraged them to take specific jobs.


In addition, you want to reflect about how your parent’s experiences have affected your own life, either in the choices you seem to have made about education and career, or in the choices your parents gave you. Tell us what your parent recommends for you, and your thought about that advice as it pertains to your own aspirations for a future.

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