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Poetry Anthology

 Poetry Anthology. Use standard font in publishing.  Expressive fonts may be used for the title of the poem ONLY Outline of Requirements: 1. Cover 2. Table of Contents 3. Introduction 4. 7 poems with required elements 5. Pictorial Representation 6. Works Cited page COVER: The cover should include a unique title for the collection. Your name should also appear on the cover as the editor.  Artwork is optional TABLE OF CONTENTS: The pages of your anthology should be numbered. You must have a typed table of contents which gives the titles of the poems included in your collection as well as the names of the poets who wrote the poems can be found in your collection.

You must write a 400 word introduction which explains how you, the editor, selected the poems for your anthology, what you learned from this assignment may have given you a greater appreciation of poetry. POEMS:  In the body of the anthology, each poem should be accompanied by a title and the poet’s name.  You MUST include one poem from each of the following: sonnet, lyric, elegy, dramatic monologue, ballad, and pastoral. EACH POEM must have a written response that includes: *The type of poem *A brief summary of the meaning of the poem *Examples of figurative language (identify and explain) *Tone of the mood PICTORIAL REPRESENTATION:

In Summary

Choose ONE poem from the anthology you have created and create a pictorial representation of that poem.  You do not have to find images for each word of the poem, but the representation needs to be clear enough so that someone would understand the poem’s subject and meaning without having read it. WORKS CITED PAGE:  The last page of your anthology should be standard MLA formatted WORKS CITED PAGE (i.e. not s list of websites or URLS). Each poem should have its own citation entry.

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