Policy Report – Mass incarceration

Policy Report-Mass incarceration

For your capstone policy report research paper. You will write a 10- to 15-page research paper on one of the topics approved by your instructor. The purpose of the policy report paper is to provide the reader with a synopsis of a problem or critical issue in US crime. What we know about the pre-existing policies that are causing. Contributing to one of the problems or issues, and what alternative policy options are recommended. For more details about the policy project, read carefully page 19 (Unit 1) in the book Write and Wrong: Writing within Criminal Justice by Caroline W. Ferree and Heather L. Pfeifer. All information contained in the paper must come from academic sources unless your instructor tells you otherwise.

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In addition, you should not rely on your own knowledge about the topic. Moreover, you must use a minimum of 10 academic sources when writing your paper. Write your paper in APA format and must include citations written in APA format. Failure to include citations constitutes plagiarism. Your paper must include a title page as well as a reference page. Points will be deducted from papers that do not meet the page requirement. Or that do not incorporate eight academic sources. The Structural Elements of the Capstone Research Report Policy reports directly reflect the different roles that the policy analyst commonly plays, i.e. from the researcher to advocate.

The type of report that you are writing is one from the more action-oriented, advocacy end of the continuum (but that is nevertheless based purely on evidence and not your opinion). Although there is much variation even at this end of the scale, the most common elements of the brief are as follows: Title of the Report Executive Summary Context and the Importance of the Problem Pre-existing Policy Options, and Research Conclusion Policy Recommendations References *For an explanation of each of these sections, see the syllabus and the lecture ‘Guide to Writing the Policy Report.’

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