Polygamy- Men, women, family and kinship

Description – men , women and marriage


Video Discussion 9: Marriage, Family, and Kinship 1 1 unread reply. 1 1 reply. You only need to comment briefly (a small paragraph) about the video by addressing the questions below (You don’t need to answer each of them, they are here to guide you in reacting to this video). After your response, you need to respond to a minimum of one (1) classmate. The only requisite is that your contribution has substance, encouraging conversation. Use the terms learned in the chapter, talk the talk!!    Remember that you need to do six (6) of these discussions as 5% of your grade! Don’t forget the netiquette rules!! Worth: 10 points: 7 for main response, 3 for reply. You can pick one or comment about the two of them. It will be one grade. Watch the following videos View film clip: A men Among Women  (Links to an external site.) [6:00]  https://util.wwnorton.com/jwplayer?type=video&msrc=/wwnorton.college.protected/coursepacks/anthro/videos/a-wife-among-wives-

2.mp4&isrc=/wwnorton.college.protected/coursepacks/anthro/videos/a-wife-among-wives-2.jpg&csrc=/wwnorton.college.protected/coursepacks/anthro/videos/a-wife-among-wives-2.vtt&cp=1 (This video was in a previous discussion, but the topic is different) David and Judith MacDougall spent several years among the Turkana of northwestern Kenya engaged in ethnographic research. In this selection, the MacDougall’s explore the importance of co-wives and polygyny among the Turkana. Once you watched the video, discuss it using the questions below to guide your thoughts: How does Naingiro answer the anthropologist when she was asked about jealousy and fighting among co-wives?.

Further instructions

 We might assume that polygyny, or multiple wives, is initiated and maintained by men, but it seems Turkana women are often encouraging their husbands to take new wives. Why might that be so? How do Turkana women and women describe the benefits of polygyny? Transcript 1 Transcript 2 View film clip: Marriages in Heaven  (Links to an external site.)  [5:52]

https://util.wwnorton.com/jwplayer?type=video&msrc=/wwnorton.college.protected/coursepacks/anthro/videos/marriages-in-heaven.mp4&isrc=/wwnorton.college.protected/coursepacks/anthro/videos/marriages-in-heaven.jpg&csrc=/wwnorton.college.protected/coursepacks/anthro/videos/marriages-in-heaven.vtt&cp=1 Arranged marriages for men and women are common practice throughout India, as well as among many Indian immigrants to the United States. This selection presents a traditional Sikh wedding in San Jose, California, and explores the role of arranged marriages among Indian immigrant families. Once you watched the video, discuss it using the questions below to guide your thoughts:

 First, how is the Sikh wedding similar or different from weddings you have attended in your community?. Further, how is the family, or kinship system, involved in the ceremony?. Consequently, what might be some benefits of an arranged marriage? Finally, how would you feel about having your spouse chosen by a matchmaker Transcript

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