Pornography Argumentative Essay


3000 words is your maximum limit for the pornography essay. It must include a thesis statement and an argument defending it. Define all key terms and relevant conceptual distinctions. In defending your thesis, acknowledge and attempt to rebut at least two strong counter-arguments to the position you take. You must engage with the readings in the course text that pertain to your chosen topic. Specify the influence of any of the general normative theories where relevant. (I upload as a document) All quotations and sources should be cited as either footnotes, endnotes or parenthetical references. Avoid block quotations, i.e., quotations of more than 40 words from a source. Paraphrase carefully. You must also use at least two, but no more than four other philosophic sources that are not listed in the course syllabus. The additional sources must be either philosophic books or philosophic journal articles.

Further Instructions

Please include a bibliography for all sources you cite in the paper. Remember, the bibliography and the title page are not included in your word count. THE ARGUMANTATIVE ESSAY QUESTION IS //   Should we be concerned about the harms and/or offense allegedly induced by pornography? Are these ethical concerns significant enough to justify legally prohibiting pornography or is protecting sexual autonomy and freedom of expression more important to society? If so, then why? If not, then why not? Clarify how your analysis relates to John Stuart Mill’s thinking in “Freedom of Thought and Discussion,” i.e., does your analysis reflect Mill’s thinking or contest it? //.

You can make three points, how pornography is harming the community, how women right are getting affected, how kids are getting affected mentally by pornography (YOU DONT NEED TO USE THOSE JUST EXAMPLES) Im adding book, You can look at the writing, susan is against pornography andrew is with. just bring topics from here and there and argue. Do your best to find valid points, how pornography is affecting and harming others. Also you should state mill point, somehow dyring the essay, so mills say if you are harming others then government should punish you, if you are harming yourself only then government should not treat you as criminal. bring a point and discuss it, why you think Mill is supporting your idea. Thank you.

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