Student Plan – Portrait of a Learner

Portrait of a Learner: Student Plan

In the Student Plan candidates interpret and analyze the information garnered from the observations and present implications for teaching and learning. This assessment, together with final versions of your Observation Log (Assessment 3) and Inferences section (Assessment 4), constitute the complete ‘Portrait of a Learner’ (see rubric for details). Candidates will have the opportunity to revise their running record and inferences before they are submitted as a complete assignment. These 3 assessments should be included in your final paper in the order that they were completed (the Observation Log should be included at the beginning of the ‘Portrait of a Learner’, followed by the ‘Inferences’, and completed with the ‘Student Plan’).

The Student Plan requires candidates to discuss the classroom implications of the data, focusing on how this developmental knowledge can inform their instructional choices. Throughout the Student Plan, candidates should refer to the 3 developmental areas listed above. It may help to reflect on the following questions to guide your writing of the learner Plan. Firstly how will the developmental insights gained from the observations help you to promote learning opportunities for this student?. Secondly how does the student appear to learn best?. Thirdly how can this inform your teaching approach with this learner?. What practices might be useful in constructing meaning for this student? How can the student’s abilities be utilized?.

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How might the student’s needs be supported? The Student Plan should include detailed and specific recommendations for supporting the students’ cognitive development. Consequently socio-emotional development, and learning, and should be based on the inferences you made from your observations in these three areas (see rubric for a breakdown of scoring). Your learner Plan should include a detailed description of how you will implement the strategies you have suggested. For example, if you have inferred based on your observation that the student is having difficulty with categorization.

You would devise a lesson that includes a specific instructional strategy intended to address this issue. Also provide a clear and detailed illustration of how it would be implemented. You will also be asked to provide a rationale for why you believe your approach would be effective, and explain how its potential effectiveness is supported by developmental theory. The learner Plan component of the ‘Portrait of a Learner should be 3-5 pages long. Formatting requirements: The paper should be formatted in APA style (spacing should be 1.5; font should be Times New Roman, 12).

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