Pretrial reform- Criminal justice

Pretrial reform- Criminal justice


The percent of the jail population who are criminal defendants varies across the country. But on average 67% of the county jail population on any given day are pretrial detainees. (The National Association of Counties, 2015). Two reasons for the high rates of detention are the use of financial bonds (e.g., cash bail) and the lack of use of objective, standardized risk assessments by judges to guide their release decisions. There is, however, a movement across the United States to reform the pretrial system so unnecessary pretrial detention is minimized. Please read the article below and discuss the current pretrial reforms sweeping the country and the pros and cons of abolishing cash bail and using risk instruments. You must support your arguments with evidence.

Cash bails

 This means citing materials (e.g., official reports, peer-reviewed journals, newspaper articles) you find to support your particular arguments. . All post must be substantive and not just unsubstantiated opinions. Therefore, APA intext citations must be included with references at the bottom of the post to attain full credit. Article Cash bail system traps the poor in jail, reformers say below is what you are to refer to but as a NOTE! use references with the APA you can have more than one source other than what is below but! mainly talk about what is below and backing up the information with your own words. i will provide exmaples asap but get started any questions ask me i put 2 sources but 1 is what is below and then you can pick how many you use addtional but keep it in your own words defend the topic well because it short.

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