problem-solving to a team scenario


Minimum of 350 word  APA 7th Ed. Use 2 of the 5 resources that I provided. Apply problem-solving to a team scenario. Social media can greatly affect reputation and brand, either yours or someone else’s. Professionals are increasingly trying to protect themselves and their careers by carefully monitoring what they communicate via social media. Employers now search social media to determine a candidate’s branding based on social media and networking interactions. Read the scenario and then respond to the assignment checklist items. Scenario: A well-known actor/producer was supposedly seen by a young fan in Sonoma County while he was wine tasting. The fan took what he claims is a video of the famous actor/producer’s surly, drunken behavior at the winery restaurant.

problem-solving to a team scenario

The video went viral (instantly shared over the Internet) and although the footage is scratchy. Therefore many claim this video appears authentic. Some say this actor’s popularity is going to be damaged and his new movie. Therefore let’s Begin Again, a movie about a social media icon’s rise to fame, will lose audience share as a result. The special project team in charge of this actor/producer’s promotion gets busy to mitigate the damage. You will act in the role of the team leader and will imagine their synthesized responses. Checklist: Using the problem-solving steps provided in the reading area: ·    Describe the six problem-solving steps this promotion team needs to take specific to the scenario.

Explain how applying the six problem-solving steps you have provided above should effectively address the team’s task and situation. Review the problem-solving steps: 1.    Firstly define the problem — analyze it 2.    Secondly prioritize the resolution: What is the most immediate need and which is secondary? 3.    Thirdly brainstorm possible solutions based on priorities 4.    Come to a mutually agreed-upon solution 5.    Put the resolution into operation 6.    Evaluate the results Problem Solving: Notice that when you look at step 2, you are prioritizing a solution. Especially in a customer service context or a personal emergency. Finally you need to determine what the most urgent need is and address that first.

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