Project Management – Case Study Options

Project Management Case Study Options

 The Project Management Assignments require students to develop a number of pieces of documentation relating to a particular case study. To reflect the wide variety of ways in which project management techniques can be applied. We are allowing students to choose between four different fictitious scenarios. Choose one of the four and then answer all of the assignment questions, to be submitted at two separate points in the semester. Week 6 and after Easter break, worth 40% and 60% of the module total mark respectively. You must use the same case scenario for all questions as it is expected that you will link your two pieces of work. Case scenario 1You are the Project Manager for an indoor sporting event. Organizing a sort of ‘Olympics’ between London/Birmingham/Manchester (please choose one based on your location). Higher Education Institutions (HEI), known as the HEI Games.

The senior management at QAHE have asked for this as they wish it to be a flagship event that helps market the QAHE’s facilities. Assume you have the full academic year to organize this, with the events taking place in July or August. You have a budget of £20k per university taking part. Therefore you should assume around 10 HEIs will be involved. Although if more join in then that will allow for more budget. Case Scenario 2QAHE wishes to improve the spaces available for business students. Also  he has asked you to project manage the refurbishment and redevelopment of the London. Birmingham/Manchester (please choose one based on your location) Campus. The preference is for tiered seating that can be retracted. Together with acoustic panels on the walls to make it a better teaching space.

Further Description

You have been asked to project manage this process with support from the Facilities Management department at QAHE and have been given a provisional budget of £100k. Bear in mind that the work must not cause disruption to teaching timetables. Case Scenario 3QAHE has recognized that students do not always know what is going on at QAHE Campuses outside of timetabled class sessions and in addition can find it difficult to contact representatives from clubs and societies. Hence, in order to help increase student engagement with extra-curricular activities. QAHE’s Student Forum Representative has asked you to project manage the development of a new QAHE Recreation mobile phone app. Which will provide day by day details of QAHE clubs and societies’ events. Links to contact details and the freedom for students to publicize their own events.

Grant funding from O2 (one of their directors is a former QAHE student) has given you a budget of £200k and the university, although supportive, wants it ready to be used by students at the start of the next academic year. Case Scenario 4QAHE Business Management Faculty has designed a new degree course in Sustainable Business, focusing on ethical and environmental business issues. This is now in its third year so there are 30 final year students now on this course. The Business Faculty has secured funding to support a two week field trip to see some interesting sustainable projects in Uganda, intending that this takes place in May, after the rest of their assignments have been submitted.

Additional Information

The Program  Convener has asked for your help in organizing this trip. In addition you are doing so as a project management task in place of your dissertation. Each student will be funded a max of £2,000 to enable them to go, thus meaning there is a total of £60,000 available for the whole trip. You should assume that staff costs (including yourself) are also funded. Thus totaling an additional £10,000.IMPORTANT: You do not need to have any technical knowledge of construction, IT, app development etc. In order to do well with any of the above as it is the use of the project management processes that will be marked and not detailed technical understand of a particular industry or technology.

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