Proposal-Corporate communication in the 21st century

Proposal-Corporate communication in the 21st century

REPORT GUIDELINES   TOPIC: Presented in Your Proposal. (See Proposal Guidelines) LENGTH:     2,500 – 3,000 words.  (Exclusive of front matter, references, figures, tables, charts, exhibits, and attachments.)   DOCUMENTATION & BIBLIOGRAPHY: Please follow the Modern Language Association (MLA) method of parenthetical citation and Works Cited listings. [You may also use other standard methods such as APA.]   WRITTEN PROPOSAL PRESENTATION: Consequently use the first section of your term project to present an overview, executive summary, or project conclusions and findings. Therefore use headings and subheadings throughout your discussion · Where possible, integrate graphic information into the text.  Also place the figure as close to the reference as possible. Use a professional communication style. Type papers double-spaced with standard margins (at least one inch on each side). Also select and appropriate typeface and finally size.

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This part is the project proposal    Term Proposal   TOPIC (What you plan to do).  Corporate Communication in the 21st century. The corporate communication in the 21st century will mainly focus base on the precedent literature on the corporate communication. The public relation in corporation, the development of the corporate communication practice. It will Illustrate the different management and strategy from the modern days and the 21st century, it will demonstrate the different types of corporate communication such as internal and external communication and the public relations, social media. The different types of communication such as firstly verbal communication, secondly nonverbal communication, thirdly written communication and finally the visual communication.

Project Proposal Management (How you plan to do it) My goal and focus on the corporate communication in the 21st century is based on comparing the corporate communication precedent world and to current business world. Corporate communication in the 21st century helps organizations explain their mission combine its many visions and values into a cohesive message to stakeholders. The concept of corporate communication could be an integrative communication structure linking stakeholders to the organization. The methods and Tactics of the corporate communication it will be based on the branding, the organizational identity, the crisis communication and the issues management and media relations.

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