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You will develop a proposal for a group that they would like to facilitate. The type of proposal selected should be appropriate for the beginner Human Services professional (i.e., task, education, and support groups). After reading Chapter 5 (Forming a Group) in the Corey text, proceed to develop a proposal using the criteria of Rationale, Objectives, Practical Considerations, Procedures, and Evaluation (see pages 153 – 154) and the Group Outline (see pages 341 -420). This proposal outline must be used. Consider the type of group you would like to develop and then write your proposal from this perspective. (A sample of a few things to consider: Will it be a children’s group? If so, what do you want to include regarding group size and activities?.

Is it a group for adults, or seniors?) In your group proposal, show how you would screen, select and orient members. Consider having an outline of topics that may structure your group sessions. Discuss the rationale for your group which needs to be supported with data and cited. In addition, discussion how you would evaluate the outcomes. Use the Corey text as a reference in the body of your paper. 4-5 pages in length. Special Note: Reading chapters 10 and 11 will be helpful in thinking through your proposal. These chapters provide sample of schemes in various settings (e.g., school and community settings). However, please use caution when reviewing the types of proposals in Chapters 10 and 11 because some are written from a counselor/therapist perspective.

Further Guidelines

Instead, as you read chapters 10 and 11 focus on the detail components included in the scheme such as organizing the group, setting up the group, group goals, and group format. These proposals are designed to help you clarify the nature of the group and procedures you may use. Potential Outline of Group Proposal I. Type of Group II. Rationale III. Objectives. Practical Considerations V. Procedures. Group Format VI. Evaluation VII. Group Recruitment a. Organizing the Group. Screening, Selecting, & Orienting Members ii. Group Rules

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