Psychology Application Paper

Psychology Application Paper

This assignment requires that you will reflect on how an increased understanding of psychological theory has helped your personal development. In this assignment, you will use psychological concepts to describe your behavior during a particular moment in time. A moment in which your behavior was unusual or out of character for your normal self. Examples of unusual behavior might be: a moment of rage, an act of heroism, unusual kindness to a stranger, an act of prejudice or an act of generosity. A one-night stand with an unexpected partner, an act of deception. A failure on a task or a test…A psychological concept would be any idea or term used in the study of psychology to explain behavior or mental activity. Here are just a few examples of psychological concepts that can be in use to explain behavior or mental activity. Bullying, projection.

Repression, persuasion, conformity, aggression, stereotyping, social context, attribution. Prejudice, propinquity, attraction, self-esteem, guilt, motivation, halo effect, golem effect, self-destructive behavior, selfishness, greed…brain disorders, deprivation, learning disorders, fear, anxiety, exhaustion, anger, perception problems, communication problems, personality conflicts…Your assignment is to describe and explain your unusual behavior in a two page paper (double spaced, in APA format, using reference sources and citations) using psychological concepts to explain why you might have behaved as you did. Use this format for your paper: Introduction: In the first paragraph, describe your act of unusual behavior, giving as much background information as you believe relevant to the understanding of the situation.

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(one paragraph)Psychological Explanations: In paragraphs 2-4, you are to explain your behavior and motivations using at least three different psychological concepts or theories. Use reference sources and cite your sources to explain the psychological concepts that you discuss. Conclusion: In the concluding paragraph, you will describe what you have learned from this exercise in analyzing your own behavior. (one paragraph)The paper should be at least 2 pages, double spaced with 1 inch margins and a conservative font (e.g. times new roman, 12 point).Please review the Course Policies on Academic Writing: Quotations, Research, Citations, & Plagiarism (found in the Start Here module). Use your own language to express the facts you share from your research. Avoid plagiarism.

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