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In the Psychology Department at the University, our mission is to advance the science of psychology from infancy to old age. Through innovative and multidisciplinary research, we advance our basic understanding of the mind and brain, promote successful development and aging, and crate innovative treatments for optimizing mental health. Before getting started, check out this video from one of our research labs, the Child Cognition Lab. Read about our research areas on the main Psychology website, here. There are three primary research areas in the Psychology department. Read a little about each here: For Healthy Minds, click here. For Healthy Brains, click here. For Healthy Lives, click here. Instructions For the Lab Discovery, you will select at least 3 articles to read from our faculty member(s) here in the Department of Psychology.

Papers can be from the same or different faculty members. Click through the Psychology website to see faculty bios and faculty websites. Most faculty members have provided a list of “selected publications” that you can browse for article titles in order to find some that are of interest to you. Use the UA Library to locate full-text of our faculty’s articles. See here for how to conduct a library search. After reading at least 3 different articles, you will write a 3-5 page paper in which you synthesize and describe the research you read and explain how it contributes to the one or more of the goals of the Psychology department in terms of helping promote healthy minds, brains, and lives. Each Lab Discovery paper should include the following sections.

In Summary

Introduction. Each paper should begin with a brief introduction to orient the reader toward the topic of the paper, including its goals and purpose. Review of Research. This section should include a synthesis of the 3 research articles that were selected. Specifically, students should identify key research questions of the study, main findings, and any important implications of the work

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