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Psychology Paper

However, you can use the class time to watch the film depicting the separation of John from his parents for the period of 10 days. The length of the film is 43 minutes. You can find the film here: You will need to watch the film in order to complete the assignment outlined below. General Instructions: As a matter of policy, under the Trump administration in 2017 the U.S. government started separating families who seek asylum across various US border crossings. Parents are separated from their children— the children label unaccompanied minors and sent to government custody or foster care. While the parents are often sent directly to jail or deported. Between October 1, 2017, and May 31, 2018, at least 2,700 children have been split from their parents.

Close to two thousand young people were separated over the last six weeks of that window — from April 18 to May 31 — indicating that on average 45 children were being taken from their parents each day. After he took office this year, Joe Biden kept the policy largely in place but began to admit unaccompanied minors even while continuing to expel both adults and children who enter with families. Since the shift in policy, some parents and guardians have made the devastating decision, calculated only out of desperation, to send their children off ahead of them, alone, to cross the border. For your paper, please consider these actions by the government within the context of Attachment Theory.

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Be specific when referring to domains of the theory that you are employing in your work. Your paper, which should be between 1000 and 1400 words long. You can frame it  as a letter to the government, a scholarly exploration of these actions, or both. In it you should make sure to answer these questions: · At what ages are young people most vulnerable to separations from the parents?· What may be some short-term psychological effect on young children as a result of abrupt separation from their parents?· What may be some long-term psychological consequences of such separations?. To complete this assignment, you should draw on the reading from the Patricia Miller book. A documentary depicting the separation of little John, as well as any other material you deem relevant for your argument.

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