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Policy analysts often address policy problems by focusing on either the root causes or the proximate causes of a problem. While focusing on the root causes of a policy problem might require more time and effort, it is sometimes believed that addressing root causes will yield a stronger and longer-lasting solution. On the other hand, addressing proximate causes, or immediate causes, requires far less time and effort and can quickly ameliorate a pressing problem. However, it also commonly yields short-term solutions that act only as superficial treatments of the “symptoms.”1. Find a piece of legislation of interest to you currently being considered or debated in Congress, your state legislature, or your city.2. Once you find something of interest, carefully read the document in its entirety.3. Conduct some independent research to gather information to further understand the larger policy context.

Further Guidelines

You will need at least two (2) outside sources to complete your assignment. Note: citing the legislation you are discussing does not fulfill the “outside source” requirement.4. Assume the role of a policy analyst who has been hired by a citizen group to analyze the policy you chose.5. Compose a 1000 – 1500 word (including references) talking points memo that examines the items below. Identify each with the headings provided: Title Page. Include a properly formatted APA title page with an original and meaningful title, your name, the course, and the submission date. Context: Summarize the policy context. Cite an outside source. Problems: Describe the specific problems the bill is trying to address. Cite an outside source. Root or Proximate: Are these problems root or proximate? Both? Explain.

In Summary

Cite chapter 4 of the Kraft and Furlong text. My Thoughts: (1) Explain why you believe the government’s focus is on proximate or root causes in this case. Cite chapter 4 of the Kraft and Furlong text. (2) Given the bill and the problems it is trying to address, what do you think is the best approach for these particular issues? How does that approach relate to the proximate or root causes? Reference List: Include an APA formatted reference list that includes all and only the sources you cited in your submission. At a minimum, this list should include two (2) outside sources you found through independent research and the Kraft and Furlong text.


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