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Each 1-page query letter must: Include the contact information, including a proper greeting for the query letter. Create a strong lead that is informative and compelling. Develop a supporting paragraph. Describe unique selling points. Include previous work to demonstrate expertise and credibility. Create a concluding paragraph that summarizes the topic. Provide a preliminary list of four sources of information, including: Interview of an expert source on the topic or issue (conducted in person, videoconference, or by phone).Interview of an additional source with an opposing point of view on the topic or issue (conducted in person, videoconference, or by phone).Two credible sources from which you plan to gather facts and/or statistics about the topic (open records, meetings, speeches, news releases, etc.).

The format for the query letter should follow the sample (Links to an external site.) from the Freelance Writing website. You will be able to click on the links for extended explanations on each section of the letter. You must use the Special Report Query Letter Template download for the completion of this assignment. It is very important that you also review the Week 5 instructions for the Final Project for more information about what you will be required to include in the special report Week 5 instructions ( do not do just included for references)Breaking News: Special Report This assignment requires you to write about a significant topic and its impact on your local community, city, town, or state for a local or state print newspaper and digital publication. The topic should be able to  connect to a larger issue that is statewide, regional, or national.

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You must interview at least two local individuals about the topic that you choose to write about, gather first-hand information in accordance with records and meetings laws, and create two news stories tailored to the audience of the chosen publications. You must interview those who can lend expert knowledge or opinions relevant to the story. Conduct the interviews in person, by phone, or by video conference. Documents obtained for the news stories must be from credible entities. For the story, you must: Adhere to the Newspaper download and Digital Publication download templates and Associated Press (AP) Style. Examine a topic that is current, controversial, and of human interest.

Develop the story for a real-world print publication, tailored to a specific audience and for a real-world digital publication tailored to a specific audience incorporate facts, visual elements, interactive elements and pull-quotes to enhance each story. Differentiate between various facts and opinions on the topic. Provide proper attribution for all sources of information included in the story (facts, statistics, images/video, and opinions).Each story: Must be at least 500 words but no more than 550 words. Must use at least five sources of information. Among the sources chosen, the following are required: At least one verbal interview (in-person, by phone, or by video conference) with a specific, expert opinion on the topic.

Additional Information

At least one varying opinion on the topic in the form of an additional interview conducted by the student or from a credible source where another person was interviewed with an opposing opinion At least two statistical and/or factual pieces of information about the topic from a credible source At least one piece of information obtained or pending by utilizing a FOIA request Must include at least two visual elements (chart, diagram, photograph, etc.) for the written story and utilize a pull quote in the layout. Must include at least two visual elements for the digital story and one interactive element for the digital publication

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