Nursing Quality Improvement- Evidence based


Quality Improvement Evidence based nursing. Individual Written Report . The student will write a 3000-word report on a nursing practice (clinical) guideline that will be provided (Panton-Valentine Leukocidin-positive Staphylococcus aureus (PVL-SA) Royal College of Nursing guidance for health professionals (2011). Using a critiquing tool that is also be provided (see attached agreed 2 framework). Consequently the report will appraise the current evidence referenced in the guideline. Identify and then analyse additional relevant evidence and make recommendations based on the principles of quality improvement. Therefore it will also acknowledge the importance of collaborative working to support quality improvement. Finally please read the RCN guidance carefully write you findings/report/essay on the critiquing framework.

Nursing practice points

Firstly delete the white headings after section 4 as you are writing as those are just examples. Secondly leave the blue headings (sections and domains) as those are the main headings. Additionally use the blue headings to answer learning outcome 1- 3 The module aims to: i. Explore the range of evidence used in evidence-based nursing practice ii. Develop critical thinking skills iii. Develop an understanding of quality improvement in nursing practice. Learning outcomes On successful completion of the module, you will be able to: LO 1 Identify and appraise the range of evidence used to inform nursing practice.

LO 2 Integrate the principles of quality improvement into nursing practice. LO 3 Examine the importance of collaborative working with service users and healthcare professionals in quality improvement. Please use this guideline and the critiquing framework. Delete the white heading after section 4 and leave the blue headings, use the blue headings to answer learning outcome 1- 3 Please read the RCN guidance and use the AGREED 2 critiquing frame work to complete the essay. Harvard referencing style MUST be used. Fully references and citation as well as index must be included. Remember to use books and journal relating to nursing practice

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