Questionnaire- Habitual Behaviors,and Sensory Gating



the interplay between habitual behaviors, anxiety, and sensory gating


Introduction – in the dissertation you will need an extensive literature review before outlining your objectives and hypotheses. Around 1500 words. Firstly have a paragraph per point in the introduction. Example… P1: Habitual behaviours P2: Secondly sensory Gating P3: anxiety P4: Specific evidence so far (similar to your study, online in person etc). P5: Explanation of your study. Hypotheses and aim. H1: Thirdly there will be significant correlation between the frequency of performance of habitual behaviours and anxiety. H2: Also there will be a significant correlation between anxiety and sensory gating. H3: Finally anxiety will significantly mediate the relationship between sensory gating and the frequency of performance of habitual behaviours.

Method Participants How many?. Secondly how did you get them?. Thirdly how many stayed in final analysis?. Also What were inclusion and exclusion?. Finally, design Use what you have here 3/17/2021 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/6 Materials: Questionnaires (to boost the ability to get a first you can calculate the cronbach’s alpha in the current study for each scale, on SPSS ) Procedure: Chronological walkthrough of what the participants experienced e.g., this questionnaire first, second etc. Results General: How many participants? Of these X were analysed? Of the removed participants, why were they taken out? Give specific numbers. EXAMPLE: Of 121 participants 84 were analysed.

Questionnaire Description

Consequently of the 37 participants removed, 3 were removed for….. 10 were….. (Or use %).  Therefore use subsections to separate out your results: Questionnaire Calculation. Further explain how you get the final scores for each questionnaire. (summed etc). Therefore descriptive Statistics Correlation Matrix Mediation Analysis Discussion Recap your hypotheses/the aim and say if your results supported or did not support each hypothesis. Additionally make sure to give the interpretation of your results here i.e., explain the results properly. Make clear what they mean. State how your findings fit in to the literature à cycle back to the papers in your intro: do the results fit with these? Are they different?. Finally if they are different…. Explain/Give some reasons why they may be different.

Limitations of the current study: give well-thought-out limitations. E.g., is this a new scale? Why would a student sample be a problem? Is the pandemic a problem? Confounds etc. Make sure you pick only a few limitations and fully expand them, with references. It is best if you can give a suggestion on how to address the limitation in future. Strengths of your study. Directions for future research: May link to the limitations… Conclusion: Give the conclusion for your study and are there any wider implications for this area from your study? References (list all references but not count in the word count)

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