Radio, Recording, and Popular Music

Radio, Recording, and Popular Music

To begin with write One 500-word summary Review Questions (Select One Question)What were the contributions made to radio by Guglielmo Marconi, Nikola Tesla, Reginald Fessenden, and Lee Deforest?. Therefore how do the Radio Acts of 1910, 1912, and 1927 relate to the Communications Act of 1934?What were the five defining characteristics of the American broadcasting system just before it entered the golden age of radio?. Firstly how did World War II and the introduction of television change radio and recorded music?. Secondly what does it mean to say that radio is local, fragmented, specialized, personal, and mobile?. Thirdly what are catalog albums?. How have cable and satellite affected the radio and recording industries? Computers and digitization? .

Is the size of radio’s audience in ascendance or in decline?. Why? What is streaming audio? What is P2P technology?. Stream ripping?- 2nd part of the assignment on A page by itself Internet Infamy – opens 4/10No unread replies. No replies. Read the attached document, Internet Infamy, and answer the questions (see below) in an initial post. DO NOT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CASE OR IN CENGAGE only post here in the discussion. Read other classmates posts and post three replies that are insightful and not just “great post” or “I agree”. Make sure to read the Discussions Requirements located at the top of the Modules page. These discussion boards are here to mimic a discussion we might have in the classroom. As noted in this case, email messages generally have a “low expectation of privacy”.

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What does that phrase mean and what implications does it have for business professionals?. The young lady identified as “Glory” in this case was less than enthused with the work role and work environment of independent auditing. What measures should college students take to reduce the likelihood of choosing a job or professional role that is unsuitable for them?. Place yourself in Glory’s position. How would you have communicated your decision to resign?. Reading for the 2nd part of the assignment down below

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