Cause and Effect -Recreational Marijuana

Should Recreational Marijuana be Legalized in all Fifty (50) States?


However, allow your research to determine whether you will focus on Cause and  Effect of marijuana. Both in order to prove your position, or to refute the opposing position. Remember, in this course, the quality of your writing will depend upon the quality of your research. Be mindful of the following for all your essays: • Essays will be 4 to 6 pages. • Essays will be written in MLA Format or APA Format • Double space, using 12-point font, New Times Romans, preferred. • Introduction: Attention – getter, Background, and Thesis • Body: Evidence to support your position and Refutation of opposing arguments, with evidence. • Conclusion: Summary of main points and concluding statement.

Cause and Effect Guidelines

There is no need to summarize the refutation of opposing arguments. I. Introduction: Establishes a context for the argument by explaining the need to examine causes or consider effects [or both]; states the essay’s thesis. Your thesis will contain the issue (s) you plan to consider, the position you will take, and the specific causes, effects, or both that you will emphasize. • Be certain to address the points in your paper in the order presented in your thesis. II. Body: • Evidence (first point in support of thesis): Your text says to discuss less important causes or effects first; however, this is totally up to you. The focus of your research and argument should be the major causes and effects, especially since you are also seeking to win your debate.

You will use as much supporting evidence as possible for an effective 4 – 6-page essay. • You must also ensure that you “qualify” your evidence, not just normal source information. For example, not merely the person’s name, what are her/his qualifications, such as type of degree, type of research, how long, etc.? • One of the top three (3) Opposing Arguments must be addressed before concluding your essay. • Refutation of opposing argument: Considers and rejects other possible causes or effects. III. Conclusion: Reinforces and summarizes the main points; includes a strong concluding statement.

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