Recruiting – Staff Plan Essay Writing

Recruiting and Staff Plan

 Recruiting and staff plan. Description Assess the opening case study from Chapter 6: “Amazon is Hiring…Big Time!” In a three- to five-page paper in APA 7 style (not including the title and references pages), create a recruiting and staffing strategy for Amazon for Customer Service Manager and write a recruiting and staffing plan; consider how many of these positions Amazon needs to fill. For the paper: 1. Write an introduction including the selected position, a preview of your paper, and a succinct thesis statement. 2. Discuss the legal landscape, including special legal considerations that the company should be aware of.

3. Create a recruiting plan for the position selected that includes the following: 4. Explain what recruiting is and why it is important. 5. Explain the tools that will be utilized to find candidates for filling the selected position, and state why each tool was selected. 6. Create a selection plan for the position that includes the following: 7. Explain what staffing is and why it is important. 8. State what assessments will be used and why.

9. Discuss the types of interviewing techniques that will be used and why. 10. List five job-specific interview questions for the position candidates. 11. Write a conclusion paragraph that reaffirms your thesis statement Please see the attached GradeRubic, The article from Chapter 6, and the Case Study

Discussion Questions

1.       What would cause an organization like Amazon to hire 7,000 new employees within the same time frame? 2. Is it a good idea to hire 7,000 new employees within the same time frame? Why? Why not? What are some of the beneits and risks of hiring “binges”? What are some alternatives? 3. Excluding the new hire’s salary and beneits, how much does it cost to hire one employee? Make a list of all the people involved and how many hours each person will likely spend.

Estimate the costs of their pay and beneits per hour. What other tools or resources may be needed, and how much do they cost? 4. If Amazon announces 7,000 openings, how many applicants will likely apply?.

 How many recruitment will probably be short-listed for further consideration? How many job offers will be extended but turned down? Ch. 6 Introduction 5. How long should it take a warehouse worker to get up to speed and become an average performer? Make a list of all the people and resources involved in bringing each new employee up to speed and estimate their costs. 6. Based on your answers, what is a realistic cost igure for hiring 7,000 new employees, excluding their pay and beneits?

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