Reflection Paper – Discussion

Reflection paper

Write a 2-3 page reflection paper on two topics from the class. Your topics can be as broad or as specific as you like, as long as they are contained somewhere in the chapter that you have chosen (or were talked about in the lectures in class for that chapter). The two topics don’t have to receive exactly equal time, but each should receive enough attention to adequately reflect your thoughts on the subject. As such, each topic probably should be discussed in your paper for about 1-1 ½ pages (i.e., do not talk about one topic for 1 ¾ pages and the second topic for 2 sentences; ideally, you’ve chosen these topics because you have something to say about both of them).

Although you can choose more than two, please make sure that however many you choose, each topic you choose is adequately discussed (i.e., don’t choose 10 topics and talk about each for a couple of sentences). Once you have chosen your topics, then as the title of the assignment suggests, I want you to reflect on those topics. By this I mean you should discuss your personal opinions, thoughts, experiences, etc. Some questions you might use as a guide for your reflection include:• Have you personally experienced the subject being discussed? Has a relationship you’ve been in been affected by or demonstrated the subject being discussed?.

Further Guidelines

What happened? How did you react to it? How has it affected you?• Have other people you’ve known experienced it? How did it affect them? Did it indirectly affect you in some way?• What are your thoughts about the subject? Do you agree or disagree with what we learned in class? Do you think your thoughts are similar to or different from other people your age? How about your parents? Grandparents?• Did you learn something new about the subject that you didn’t know before? Has what we learned in class changed your thinking on the subject somehow?

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