Reflective Essay- Portfolio

Reflective Essay- Portfolio

Revision instructions: Your goal is to produce the best examples of your writing, similar to the way you expect your cover letter and resume to work when you are applying for a job. Grammar, sentence structure, essay structure, paragraph organization and more–all must be thoroughly edited / revised. To be considered for a minimum grade of C, the portfolio must, of course, be complete (two revised project [one of which is project 2] and one reflective essay). Your paper must develop supporting claims with evidence that is appropriate to an academic audience and argumentative purpose(s). This may include… counter-arguments. Your paper should demonstrate an observable organization of ideas in multiple, focused paragraphs. Each paper should observe rules regarding intellectual property.

Also plagiarism by documenting ideas from sources using any standard documentation style for in-text citations and publication information at the end of the essay. This means a correct works cited sheet in MLA or APA in the paper must match up to the works listed on the works cited sheet. Each paper must integrate quotations smoothly both for meaning and grammar with appropriate signal phrases and commentary on the quotations. Your paper should produce clearly worded, purposely varied, mature sentences. For example, if in my comments, I said something like: not sure what you are getting at here that means it is confusing. Or if I suggested changing to different phrase from the one you gave, that also means it is confusing. Your paper should be relatively free of grammatical and mechanical errors, including misspellings, typos, and faulty punctuation.

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Proofread carefully to catch these errors. Your paper should sustain a tone appropriate to a college essay. (Eliminate all uses of “you.” Limit the words I, me, my to sections that allow for that. No personal pronouns of any kind-Eliminate slang).Remember: C means average. If you give an average, disinterested amount of attention to preparing the portfolio, then the highest grade you can expect is C. In general, a C portfolio contains papers that fulfill the basic assignment requirements as listed above. Because it meets these minimum requirements, the C portfolio presents a solid piece of writing and demonstrates the writing skills necessary to do well in your future college classes. Anything less than this will get less than a C. If, however, you do more than what is expected, you may qualify for a B or A .

Revising Tips This short form revision / editing sheet is designed to make it easier for you to go through your paper and organize revisions.

Keep these tips in mind: Work at revising a little at a time. When you feel frustrated, walk away and clear your head. Plan to take at least two days per paper. Do the revisions on one day, the editing on another. If you can take longer than two days to do revisions, do so, but do not lose sight of the due dates! It is normal to curse, complain, and rant, etc. during this process. However, do NOT let your anger and frustration prevent you from doing what you need to do to get a good grade. How to organize your revisions: Check first to see if these parts of your paper are all fine. If they require revision, fix these FIRST. Thesis–specific? Clear? Complex enough? Each paper meets the minimum requirements for each section and are properly focused?

Additional Information- Reflective Essay

Evidence From sources? Is the significance of the evidence from sources explained (you have answered the “so what”–or why does it matter–question)? Is the evidence relevant to your thesis? Do you have enough evidence? Paragraphing Clear introduction and thesis? Body paragraphs: Topic sentence? One claim discussed at a time? Organized according to the assignment’s specifications (headings? sections of articles?), concluding sentences? MLA source citations correct? Clear conclusion? After you have finished the above revisions, check through the comments on your papers to see if you have any grammar, sentence structure, or source citation problems

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