Reflective report

Reflective report

Reflective report and record of evidence to demonstrate learning, participation, and engagement (PLOs 5.3.1; 5.1.1; 5.2.; 5.1.3; 5.1.4; MLOs 2,3,5).This task has a design  to enable you to identify and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding; intellectual/professional skills and abilities; and personal value attributes in line with the program and module learning outcomes. Throughout the early stages of the module, you have a task to undertake different tasks and activities including journal exercises and individual’s reviews and diagnostics. These will provide opportunities for you to produce evidence of self-reflection as a means of informing personal development planning as well as evidence knowledge and understanding.

Further Description

Your engagement and participation in your team consultancy project will also provide opportunities to record and reflect on self-directed learning and key skills, knowledge and behaviors required of an effective team member. Team project was about: Following a successful pilot, YMCA Newcastle would like to take Urban Mushrooms to the next level. They would like to create a fit for purpose mushroom farm, café, and shop and visitor engagement activities. However, to do this they require investment and funding. As a group of student consultants, your task is to explore the investment market for Urban Mushrooms to raise the finances to achieve their ambition.

Potential investors will need to align to the ethical values of the organization and will be investing in social impact in opposed to a traditional purely financially driven investment models. You need to articulate this clearly in the investment prospectus. In addition, would you need to assure investors by considering guidelines for social responsible investing. While they do not ask you to advise on the legal structure that make enable different kinds of social investing. You may need to be aware of this when recommending options to YMCA/Urban Mushrooms. As a minimum this students are asked to. Explore international examples and any lessons to be learned from their development and growth. Review their development to date (website and additional information forthcoming)

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