Reflective Researched Essay

The final Reflective Researched Essay is due Friday, 2 (last day of class) and is worth 100 points. It is to be 2 pages in length, composed of at least 7-8 single-spaced paragraphs of at least 6-8 grammatically correct sentences. You may double-space between paragraphs. Please use 12 point academic font style – times new roman, arial, verdana, calibri, etc. Your paper should be set up like this: Introduction – do not forget a clear thesis statement Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Point 4 Reflection Conclusion Topic: Your topic will be the same one as you chose from Week 5 annotated bibliography assignment Metacognitive Strategies Growth Mindset Procrastination Reflective Practice Motivation And you must incorporate at least one of your chosen sources into it. For example, within one of the point paragraphs, you make a direct quote from one of the sources, or you introduce a concept from one of your sources – these must be cited using APA. I do not need to have reference

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