Religion about Family Violence- Social Media Influences

Religion About Family Violence

Full instructions attached. Family violence and religion. 1. Firstly think about some of the images you have in your mind of a man who acts violently towards his girlfriend or wife.  Consequently these images may have been influenced by television, Netflix, movies, videos, news reports, or social media.   Therefore in no more than 100 words, and before you begin the readings or look at the power points. Hence what would you believe are some of the most common characteristics of those who batter their intimate partners?.   2. The slides help you to begin to ask some very basic questions about people who batter.  When?  Why?  Where?  How?  These are questions you will need to confront as you ponder abuse in its many and varied forms and the people who carry out these acts of aggression.

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Under what circumstances does it occur?  Why does abuse happen in religion?  Why do adults do this to each other, or to children?  What makes a person resort to such acts of cruelty?   Reflect upon the story of Harry offered in the power points. In 250-300 words, explore some of the vulnerabilities that he violently experiences and other points of strength or resiliency that he reveals.  Are there any elements in his story that you find particularly unsettling? Where does religious faith fit in?  In his case, would you describe Harry’s religious faith as contributing to his vulnerability or his resiliency?   3. Outline several key factors that are identified in the religion as important in any response to those who act abusively toward their intimate partners.

Tease apart some of the dynamics in religion versus nonreligious resources and responses. 4.  Write a letter  to a facilitator of a program for men who batter where you indicate why you believe it is important for them to include some discussion of religion, or religious beliefs, as part of the curriculum that they offer to abusive men.  Anticipate that the facilitator might have some resistance to this idea.

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