Religion- Theoretical Methods and Concepts


 Religion Assignment Details Format: MLA format required Double-spaced, 12 point size, Arial or Times New Roman font Length: 1000-1200 words Assignment Instructions In an effort to understand the structure and general “objectives” of various world beliefs, I would like you to create your own faith. Think about a known faith. What does it do? What does it say? Finally what effect does it have on the people who follow it?. You are to create a religion from scratch. After learning about the theoretical methods for studying religions of the world you should have a better understanding of the various aspects of each religion. In groups of four, you will “found” a brand-new religion and create a document that outlines the particulars of your new belief group based on the following information: The religions concept of Sacred Power Tell us what your faith considers to be sacred.

Consider class discussions on sacred space and sacred time. What separates the sacred from the profane in this Faith?. The religions concept of the Divine and Ultimate Reality How does this religion view the divine? What theistic perspective would you use to describe this belief Describe the God or Pantheon of Gods. The faith sacred symbols, myths, and doctrine Describe the sacred symbols of the religion. Why are these symbols considered sacred? Describe one of the central myths of thebelief. An example of a myth would be a creation myth. Describe the main doctrine of the faith. The faith is sacred ritual and sacred scripture Describe the ritual aspects of the belief. Create a sacred ritual Describe what the scripture of the belief is. Is there a central text for the religion or is it an oral tradition? What kind of information is contained in this scripture?.

Further Guidelines

Also include the following information: What is the name of your faith What, if any, significance does the name hold? Each member of your group will be responsible for one aspect of the belief. Each section should be a minimum of 1000 words outlining the specific details of that aspect of the religion. Submit your individual section on Canvas using the appropriate assignment dropbox. Use the information in the text as well as the lecture slides to help you flesh out the different aspects of your religion. Pick one of the aspects to cover for your assignment. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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