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Economics- Research paper

The economics research paper should be about 15 pages in main text (excluding references, figures, or tables). In Times New Roman font 12, double spaced. It should be a literature survey paper of a topic of your interest and discuss and synthesize at least 15 journal articles closely related to that topic. The research paper should be about 15 pages in main text (excluding references, figures, or tables), in Times New Roman font 12, double spaced. The paper will include an introduction, extensive literature review, conclusion, and references. As we proceeded through the semester, you have regularly written two short papers, and the research paper can build on these papers. In addition, we require you to gather extra journal articles on the same topic, and summarize, criticize, and synthesize the literature to reach your own conclusion.

You may also choose a topic of interest that we did not discuss in class. Grading Rubric: I. Introduction: 10%describe the purpose of the paper, an overview of the question(s) that need answers by this literature survey, and why it is important to answer such question(s).II. Literature Review: 60%the literature review should include the following three elements, but please DO NOT organize your paper as such. Please refer to the literature review paper we have read for organization and style.1. Summarize the papers: 20%these should be academic research papers, either published or working papers, instead of blogs, commentary, or news articles. Provide brief summary of the papers being reviewed. Such as topic, data, method, and conclusion, and do so in an organized and synthesized manner.

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Secondly analyze the literature – Merits and drawbacks: 20%discuss the merits. Also drawbacks of the research papers being reviewed so as to reach your own conclusion of which is a more convincing set of papers and which conclusions to adopt.3. Synthesize the literature: 20%divide the literature into sub-topics to better organize and summarize the papers. Find a way to form an overview of the literature, e.g. by topic, by data, by method, or by conclusion, etc. And to reach a conclusion based on the overview of the literature. III. Conclusion: 10%summarize your question and main findings. Further discuss drawbacks of existing studies and suggestions for future research. IV. Reference: 10%please use author-date system in the APA style. V. Writing Skill: 10%Organization, clarity, academic writing, free of grammatical errors.

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