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Research Proposal Edited

To  begin with to complete this evaluation, you will make substantial corrections and improvements to the first draft of your proposals. Your revisions should be informed by the personalized feedback you received on your first draft, general feedback offered in class, and through the process of revisiting your own work and self-identifying strengths and weaknesses with your written work. Please re-visit the original proposal instructions to ensure that you have followed them correctly. You will be evaluated based on the quality of revisions and the level of improvement between drafts. Having a perfect second draft is not the goal. Instead, your goal is to identify ways to strengthen your writing and enhance your research.

Here are some common issues questions worth considering:1. Does the introduction tell a detailed story related to a criminal law issue? A. Have you articulated—in clear terms—a specific problem? Have you established the scope and scale of that problem?  I. Firstly are your factual claims supported by evidence?. 2. Secondly are your research proposal questions reasonable in terms of scope and scale? A. In other words, can you actually answer them in a 15-page paper? b. Consequently if you have too many research questions—or they are too broad in scope—can you effectively pare them down to conduct a more manageable project?. 3. In addition does your literature review contain a review of relevant literature related to what has already been written on this research problem?.

Does it demonstrate you have consulted and considered several relevant sources? b. Finally are you able to effectively summarize the academic literature related to the research problem?

Further Description

c. Can you identify and establish major studies in the field and explain their significance to the reader (this should also be expanded upon in your annotated bibliographies).4. Does your methodology section outline a clear and specific strategy as to how you will conduct your research and where you will look? Does it identify key texts, resources, databases from which you will draw upon to collect data? Are these resources accessible? A. Please ensure that you describe the precise sources from which you will collect data. Simply stating that you will draw upon secondary sources or “statistics” is Part 1: Proposal “Revise and Re-submit” Guide 15% of final grade not specific at all. You need to be able to point to sources that actually contain the relevant data you will use to answer your research questions.

5. Does your annotated bibliography have 5 important sources? . Have you explained and provided examples as to what they argue? b. Rather than simply summarize what they authors “do” (i.e. they argue this or that). Can you explain it to the reader?. Can you demonstrate that you understand their arguments and can evaluate evidence they provide? Addressing these elements will strengthen your proposals and demonstrate your ability to articulate a clear socio legal/criminological problem, identify relevant research, and develop a strategy to answer those research questions.

Your revised proposal will be accompanied by a 1 page single-spaced cover letter (approximately 500 words). Thus this will outline to the reader the changes made and how they improve and strengthen your proposal from the previous draft. Take this opportunity to walk the reader through the specific changes and highlight why they are important, why they strengthen your proposals, and why they have helped you meet the learning objectives of this assignment.

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