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10 pages doubled space for Friday. I have a rough draft of the literature review I have to use. Also,I have the 10 references I need. Research Proposal  on the subject of anti-vaxxers. Focusing on socioeconomic status and education. Everyone will be writing a research proposal on the subject of anti-vaxxers. Read this article to get a general sense of who anti-vaxxers are and what they stand for – (Links to an external site). Your research proposal must be ten pages long, and follow these requirements. Ten pages (ten full pages – no more, no less) Double spaced Standard margins, name only on the pages (no elaborate headers or titles) 12 point font.

Guidelines-Research proposal

 You will have reference pages and these will NOT be counted towards to minimum of 10 pages. You are to come up with a plan for an empirical (this means you will collect and analyze data based on observation and measurement of phenomena). research project (assume you have a budget of $250,000). Note, you may choose to do a mix-method but you must include a quantitative analysis. Your research proposal will include Introduction. The statement of the issue, what brings you to this topic, why is this important. – 2 pages The Literature Review: The previous research on this (or closely related topics) and your hypothesis or hypotheses (you may write these with listing them as 1) 2) and so on. – 3 pages.

 This part is due by Sunday, January 31st by 2:00pm if you wish to get feedback. Also, final (hard) due date, February 14th by 2:00pm. Budget proposal: How will you spend the money, will you pay to get participants. If so, how much, what are the other costs you will have. – 1 page Methodology: There are five elements to pure experimental design – random selection, random assignment, experiment/control, correlation/association, temporal requirement .(the correlation/association happened AFTER the experiment).


 In this section you will describe how you will best align with these elements. Addressing such questions as 1)First, how will you ensure random selection and assignment. 2)Then, what is your experiment. 3) Further, how will the data be collected. 4)Consequently, how will you analyze the data making this specific to the hypotheses (restate these and link them to the method, such a descriptive statistics, correlations study). 5) Finally,what will the data look like, some general demographics such as number of women and number of men, etc. and so on. – 4 pages. Additionally, if you are writing a mix method research proposal, you will include plans for the qualitative data collection and analyses.

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