Researching Bhutan

Researching Bhutan


Please dont raise your bids because this is an easy assignment and the only reason I am not doing it is due to a huge amount of work I must do tonight. Inquiry Activity Researching Bhutan In this chapter, we studied how countries gauge their success through measurements such as GDP, the Index of Economic Freedom. and economic classifications. One country measures it another way. Bhutan measures its success as a country by happiness. Bhutan is a country of almost 800,000 people that sits high in the Himalayan Mountains between China and India. Traditionally, the country has a king as the ruler. In 2006, KingJigme Singye Wangchuck stepped down to pave the way for the country to have its first democratic election.

The idea of gross national happiness (GNH) came from the king. The country’s new constitution ensures that government programs such as agriculture, transportation, and even foreign trade be judged not by economic criteria, but by the happiness these programs generate. Your task is now to research Bhutan, and write a short report. Step 1 Research Use the following questions to guide your research: Briefly describe Bhutan’s geography, history, and religion. Describe the four pillars of GNH. State the nine domains of GNH. Do you think Canada should measure its success by GNH? What can Canada learn from GN H? Do you think Bhutan will be able to keep its distinct culture? • What is your opinion of GNH?.

Step 2 Write your report Using your research, write a short report on Bhutan, organized by the following headings: Introduction • Description of Bhutan Description of GNH What Can Canada Learn from GNH7 My Opinion of GNH Conclusion One page research. One and a half report. You can go longer if needed but no shorter. Please be detailed and thorough. Use subheadings.

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