Rogerian Proposal – Wage Increase in America

Rogerian Project Proposal

Rogerian Project Proposal ASSIGNMENT Directions. The TOPRIC is “Should Minimum Wage increase in America?” Address all parts of each section completely.  Completeness, persuasiveness, clarity, coherence and correctness of your  presentation will be in consideration in the grading. So please plan, draft, edit, and proofread before submitting your formal Proposal for approval and grading. The minimum length is two full typed, double space pages. However, your Proposal should be as long as it needs to be to describe your project. Also the strategy in some detail and include discussion of all parts of the four of the topics listed below.  Project Proposals must be formatted according to MLA standards. I.   Firstly introduce and Define your Research Topic and Describe its Projected Value. Introduce the issue/problem to your audience and explain why you have chosen to research this issue.

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The source of its interest or importance for you (consider answering this question: Why is this project of interest to you and worth doing?). Describe what you anticipate to be the value of your project–for others, as well as yourself (Consider answering this question: What do you hope to gain from it?  How do you think you and others may be able to use or benefit from your research findings?) .  Write your proposal for a general, uninformed audience.  II.  State your Leading Rogerian Research Question and Working Rationale State the leading Research Question that you propose to pursue for your research project: this question is your claim so it is important to clearly state the specific social issue or global problem you want to solve while also alerting the reader to your desire to find common ground in order to solve this problem.

State your Working Rationale—that is, propose an initial response to that leading Research Question (your leading assumption based on exploratory research and thinking) which you plan to open to question, investigate and test through your research.  III.    Describe your Research Strategy Perhaps it seems obvious, but when you write a proposal, you are trying to persuade people to let you move forward with your great idea. In order to get others on board, you have to be impressively and unquestionably persuasive.  Your goal is to convince readers of your Proposal that you have a well-defined point of departure for your project and a clear sense of direction as you launch into your research in earnest, supported by substantial, promising exploratory research and serious preliminary thinking and reading about your topic.

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