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This week you will have the opportunity to practice the skills of finding scholarly articles in the library. First, refer to the lecture about conducting research in the South University Online Library. Next, go to the library and find one credible, scholarly source examining the short story that was the focus of your essay for W4: Assignment 2. Avoid popular publications, such as magazines, newspapers, and other informational media that are not research oriented. Try this Research Guide provided for this course by South University Online Library Services.

Post an annotation of your source in the discussion board. Your annotation should include:

A complete APA citation of your source. (APA Citation Helper)
A 150-word summary of the argument and key points of your source.
2–3 sentences explaining how the source is relevant to your paper from Week 4.

For this assignment, you will need to used South University Online Library to find a second source (a scholarly article) about my other order 794954 which is analytical essay on short fiction by Raymond Carver “Cathedral” page 31.

If you have any problem please email me. Thanks

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