Science of Happiness- Analysis

Science of Happiness

Habits of Happy People1.Utilize signature strengths and virtues2.Positive mindset: Optimism, mindfulness, and gratitude3.Relationships4.Acts of kindness5Exercise and physical well-being6.Flow7.Spiritual engagement and meaning Take the happiness quiz ( consider the happiness quiz in your text(the quiz is online too: an area/habit where you are lacking. This should be something that you would like to improve upon. Identify that habit and why this is important to you. Be specific and note how your life and happiness would change. Consider how this aspect of happiness has limited your life, relationships, success, work etc. Write a summary responding to the above mentioned details. Each of the seven habits has evidence in the life of individuals we mention in this course, and the content within.

Make a list of each habit and the individual who strongly exhibited this habit. (Give an example of when and how)From the habit you select, determine a minimum of three strategies that you can utilize to improve your happiness. (You must base this in scientific research. (we expect citations, three minimum) Use the link at the top of this page to help guide your work) these strategies should be specific to your life now. Also consider specific environments where you will focus your efforts. (Work/home/social Create a hypothesis indicating anticipated results from implementation of strategies to improve happiness note environments for implementation. Apply these strategies for five days and specify what/when/why/where and who in your reporting. You should also rank the effectiveness of the strategy.

Further Guidelines

Your ranking should be specific to what you did. For instance, if you chose building relationships as a goal, you might use the strategy of listening better or sharing more of yourself (being vulnerable). You would find measures of how this affected your happiness for instance, I felt more peaceful or I felt more engaged at work. From this I accomplished more and was less fatigued when I completed my work. I found myself smiling more and having positive interactions and even started to spend time outside of work with co-workers. These measurements should be connected with presumed outcomes of your “experiment”. Your submission will include: Results of your happiness quiz, specifically what is lacking.

List of individuals from your text and/or individuals in your life who would score high in each habit and why. Your specific goal/habit and how you will improve, strategies that are based in science (list of citations)Hypothesis Detailed chart describing when/what/where/how etc. strategies were utilized and specific related results. They should be connected to your goal/habit. Analysis of results and comparisons to original hypothesis and factors affecting outcomes. References/sources/citations.

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