Security Breaches- Research and Analysis


Instructions for this research assignment on security breaches. This is an individual assignment for online classes and for face-to-face classes. I will use “turn it in” to monitor each individual research paper for originality and proper citation of external sources, and I expect that at least 75% of the words on your individual papers to be original. You need to submit your individual assignment using the turn-it-in icon found on Blackboard. The individual research paper should be no less than six complete pages and no more than seven complete pages (double-spaced, size 12 font), not including the title page of works cited pages. You should use a minimum of five sources in your individual research, and you must properly cite your sources with either APA (in-text) formatting.

I expect to see some common sources on a topic within a group, but I also expect to see some sources cited that are original to each paper.

You should also include a works cited page using APA format that is not included in the final 6 page count minimum. Each of the topics below has a suggested outline of material (points a-e below) that should be covered in your research and analysis—and in the group presentation. I will use this rubric to grade your individual research papers: Quality of the writing (e.g. spelling, grammar, clarity of content, proper citations) 25% How well you cover the topics (points a-e below, and the quality /number of sources) 50% The quality of your own original analysis 25% The individual research paper is worth 125 points out of a possible 1000 for the whole course. Research Topic Options 1.

The Cost of Security Breaches.

Provide research and analysis from security breaches involving at least one of these 2018 incidents: Facebook, Marriott, British Airways, Ticketmaster, T-Mobile. You may choose to cover more than one of these in your paper. For each security breach, include: a. Firstly describe what information was taken b. Secondly describe the cost of the security breach to the business / organization, including any loss of sales revenue or stock value if applicable c. Thirdly describe how the security breach happened d. Describe how the security breach could have been prevented e. Provide your own analysis on what others can learn from the incident. 2. The Internet of Things. a.

Define the Internet of Things (IoT) b. Describe what is real today about IoT and what is still to come c. Then describe how consumers benefit / can benefit from IoT d. Describe how businesses benefit / can benefit from IoT e. Provide your own analysis on what makes the IoT important for our future 3. Cloud Computing. a. Define the various models of cloud computing b. Explain how “as a service” models relate to cloud computing c. Discuss how cloud computing has changed the business model for IT professionals d. Discuss the pros and cons of cloud computing e.

Present current market share numbers and market projections for cloud computing companies / service providers in the United States, and provide own your analysis (i.e. explain) about how and why those projections and market share numbers might change 4. Business Mobility. (also known as “Enterprise Mobility” in some circles) a. Define enterprise mobility (or business mobility) b. Briefly explain how the evolution of mobile networks (i.e. 2G/3G/4G/5G, and Wi-Fi) have affected business mobility.


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