Self-change Program- Cognitive Behavior Therapy


Application of Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Theories

Instructions. In this Written Assignment, you will apply Behavior and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to yourself. Choose a behavior you want to change (e.g., stop eating so much chocolate, exercise more, practice meditation, stop smoking, follow a study schedule, etc.). Next, design, implement, and evaluate your self-change program. Design: Consider the following questions as you design your program. Firstly what specific behavior do you want to change?. Secondly what specific actions will help you reach this goal?. Thirdly what self-monitoring devices can you use to keep a record of your progress?. What reinforcements (self-rewards) will you use as a way to carry out your plans?. What cognitions do you anticipate encountering as you implement your program?.

Further Description- Self-change Program

Implement: Begin your self-change program by Wednesday of Module 4 (you can start earlier if you wish) and work your self-change program at least three days. Evaluate: After you have completed your self-change program, provide a 4-6 page paper (not including title or reference page) on your process and experience utilizing the assigned template. When relating your experience be sure to use theory specific language, support your points with scholarly sources, and address following areas. Firstly what specific behavior(s) were targeted?. Secondly what were your goals?. Thirdly what specific actions did you take to help you reach your goal?.

In addition what self-monitoring devices did you use to keep record of your progress for the self-change program?. What reinforcements (self-rewards) did you use as a way of carrying out your plan?. Consequently how well did your plan for change work?. What revisions are necessary for your plan to work more effectively?. Thus what did you notice about your beliefs about yourself during this process?. How did you respond to the beliefs that emerged?. How might these theories for facilitate optimal development and wellness over the life span?. What modifications might need to occur to make these techniques appropriate for diverse populations?.

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