Business Enterprise-Chipotle Store In Vietnam

Business Enterprise-Should Chipotle Open A Store In Hanoi, Vietnam?

Should chipotle open a store in hanoi, vietnam?  5-6 pages module 7. Financing sources for global business operations  purpose your goal is to obtain information related to start-up costs and sources of funds for your international business enterprise. Step 1: research components based on the global business opportunity identified in module 1 and the country you have analyzed. Research information related to the following:  (a)economic environment.  Discuss  the  influence  of  the  country’s  infrastructure  and economic    conditions    (inflation,    currency    exchange    rate.

Interest    rates, unemployment, personal income) on startup costs and the financial potential for this business enterprise. (b)Start-up costs.  identify expenses (and estimated amounts) that would be necessary when  starting  this  global  business  enterprise. Be  sure  to  consider  equipment,  buildings,  vehicles,  infrastructure  improvements,  training  costs,  consultants,  legal fees and licenses.) (c)Financing sources.    compare  the  availability  and  costs  associated  with  different sources for funding this global business enterprise.  Large companies may sell stock, issue bonds, and obtain loans.  Smaller organizations might make use of personal investors, small business loans, venture capital sources, or government-guaranteed loans.

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Step 2: suggested deliverable prepare a summary report consisting of the following: (a)Firstly an overview of economic conditions that might affect start-up costs and financing alternatives for the proposed global business enterprise. (b)Secondly adescription (and estimate of amounts) of the necessary start-up costs. (c)Thirdly a synopsis of financing alternatives that might be used in this situation.(d)Consequently recommend actions that might be taken to obtain financing for the proposed global business enterprise. Provide evidence to support your recommendations. module 8: Creating a global management information system purpose your goal is to identify and organize the information needs of a global business operation.

Step 1: research components based on the global business opportunity identified in module 1 and the country you have analyzed, research information related to the following areas. Global information needs.    identify  the  types  of  reports  and  other  data  that  would provide  managers  with  the  information  necessary  for  organizational  decision-making.

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