SMART Goals- Summit Credit Union

Course Project—Training Objectives and SMART Goals

SMART goals Description

This week, you will develop the objectives and goals for the training for Summit Credit Union (case study at the end of chapter 3). Recall your needs assessment assignment from Week 2 and assume that training is the solution. Address the following items. (Week 2 assignment attached, summit credit union case pasted below) Develop three, specific objectives for your training. Ensure they are broken down into outcome, criterion, and condition. Develop a SMART goal for each objective.  Building on your assignment from last week, where you used a Gap Analysis/SWOT to conduct a Needs Assessment (for Summit Credit Union – page 147 of your text) , identify ONE.

(1) Firstly specific training need from that assessment AND ONE (1) group or department of employees who need the training. Create three (3) specific training objectives for that training, and analyze those objectives by creating SMART training goals. Your paper should include the following sections. Introduction: Post an introduction that explains the company background (brief), the training need established from last week’s needs assessment, and the group of employees who need the training. (5 points) Learning Style: Based on your readings from this week, identify the specific learning styles that will apply to that particular group of employees. (15 points) Training Objectives: Create three (3) specific training objectives for your training.


Ensure those are broken down in the three parts (outcome, criterion, and condition) as identified in our course lecture this week, and in your textbook (outcome, criterion, and condition). (25 points) Analysis: Analyze your training objectives using SMART training goals. (Review the Course Lesson for examples). Provide your analysis of your objectives, your brainstorming of the connections to future pieces of training (where applicable), and create your training goals. Again, show your work. (25 points) Your paper should be 2-3 content pages, not including references or a title page. Use APA formatting. Finally include at least 3 scholarly sources (5 points).

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