Social Media and Identity- Facebook and Twitter

Social Media and Identity

Career Coach Select two social media platforms that you have previously created an account for. You are encouraged to analyze your LinkedIn profile and another social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also analyze your blog or your personal website, if you have one. If you do not have any social media accounts, you can use the profiles in the Social Media Case Studies document located in the Supporting Materials section. Once you have selected your social media accounts, analyze your digital footprint. You will analyze your social media and technology use for their impact on your personal and professional identity. In your 1,000- to 1,500-word analysis, make sure that you address the following points that your coach Priya has sent you: In two to three sentences, describe briefly your personal and professional identities.

What are the main elements that define your identity? Consider how you perceive yourself as a person and professional practitioner, and how others perceive you and your role. Determine whether or not your social media profiles reflect your professional identity. Provide specific examples. Consider the following in your response: Do your profiles accurately depict your professional identity? Why? What story do these profiles tell about you? How do these profiles impact your professional identity? Are there any inconsistencies between the profiles? What are strengths and weaknesses you can observe in your profiles? Identify two social media posts that you have published. Include a screenshot of your posts or a brief description of each. Finally describe how these posts could be interpreted in personal and professional settings.

Further Guidelines

Give specific examples. Firstly how would prospective employers and coworkers interpret these posts? Secondly how would a friend or family member interpret them?. Thirdly how could these posts impact how others perceive you?. Consequently what impact could these posts have on your personal and professional relationships?. Therefore think of your technology use beyond social media (e.g., web searches, messaging applications, email and phone use, software use). Illustrate how your technology use could impact your personal and professional identity. How can you use technology to your advantage? What are the risks of using technology? Describe the actions that you can take to manage and strengthen your digital footprint. Include specific details.

What steps could you take to manage your digital footprint?. Consequently what should you start doing?. What should you stop doing? . Finally what changes could you make to your  profiles so that they accurately depict your identity? Digital Footprint Analysis (1,000–1,500 words) Your career coach has asked you to conduct a digital footprint analysis in which you analyze your social media and technology use for their impact on your personal and professional identity. Your analysis should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

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