Conflict Theory-Social Stratification in the United States

Social Stratification in the United States- Conflict Theory

Your task is to give short answers to each of the following: 1.     Firstly select, define, and describe one issue or problem requiring action from the text or current news. 2. Using the text, lecture note “Which social theory is right?”  and other supplementary readings and original research examine the issue from the viewpoints of .Structural functionalism Conflict theory  – Symbolic interactionism 3. Compare and contrast the three theories by: 1. Stating ways in which each theory is supplementary to the other two theories.  Theories are supplemental when they disagree or replace each other.  Think of hot dogs and hamburgers, watching a movie on Netflix, or ESPN’s sports event. Structural Functionalism and Conflict theory. Structural Functionalism and finally  Symbolic Interaction         – Conflict theory and Symbolic Interaction

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2. Stating ways in which each theory is complementary to the other two theories. Theories are complementary when each helps explain the other.  Think of bread and butter, love and marriage, or a steak with all the trimmings.         – Structural Functionalism and Conflict theory         – Structural Functionalism and Symbolic Interaction         – Conflict theory and Symbolic Interaction 4. Give your personal conclusion, informed by sources and theory, as to how this issue can be resolved. 5. What did you learn from this lesson? **Note that I have attached the required Chapter 8 reading in order to complete this discussion post. I did so by copying and pasting the text from the online textbook so make sure to cite. The reference for the textbook is: Ritzer, George. Introduction to Sociology, 5th Edition. Sage, 2020.  Also, please answer the questions in the correct format which can be found above.

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