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Social Work

Explore social structures that enabled, resisted, arose, or fell in the face of profound change. Your first two assignments asked you to interrogate your place as an individual within the paradoxical relationship. Between social structures that dictate norms and behaviors and the individuals who comprise them. In essay one, you investigated this relationship from the perspective of the social structure; in essay two, your vantage point switched to the individual. For this essay, you will be focusing on how these two sides converged in a historical event of social change. Assignment – Your assignment is to write a well-researched essay that explores this paradoxical relationship at a moment of profound change in history.

Further Description

You will explore the social structures that enabled, resisted, arose, or fell in the face of this change. Also  you will survey the individuals who fought for. Enabled, pioneered, sabotaged, or strove to prevent the change. Goals – The primary goal of this assignment is to partake in thorough research and sustained inquiry into a single topic in order to produce a research essay that contributes meaningfully to an ongoing discussion. Remember, you do not have to change the conversation or discover something new to contribute meaningfully. Write in the first or third person depending on which best suits your evidence.

Audience: Your audience is other researchers who do not have familiarity with your specific topic, but do have expectations of academic norms. Requirements: Your essay should be no fewer than 6 double-spaced pages, following MLA formatting: Times New Roman 12pt font, one-inch margins, and page numbers. You must include at least 4 social sources, of which 2 must be academic sources. The other 2 do not need to be academic, but they do need to be reputable. Be sure to cite everything according to MLA formatting.

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