Social Work Questions

Social Work Questions


1. Please define and describe the purposes of community practice and elaborate on how social work practice with the community complements and enhances micro practice social work? Additionally, in your own words what does Shulman (2016). Mean when he refers to moving from “case to cause” in practice?. Lastly, please describe an actual or hypothetical example. Of how workers in your field education placement at the LGBTQ+ center engaged .Or could possibly engage) in community practice focused within the three community development/planning models highlighted.

Please describe in your own words what ways social action groups can act as a “bridge” between micro and macro practice. For oppressed populations in terms seeking social change as well as providing mutual aid. And opportunities to develop self-efficacy in the face of oppression and/or learned helplessness. 3. Explain the DSM 5 means as a “living document”. Additionally, highlight three of the significant changes that the DSM-IV-TR makes  to DSM5 and the potential implications for practice. Lastly, although social workers are the primary providers of mental health services in the US as discussed in class.

What are some of the primary issues of “fit” and at times tension for social work in utilizing the DSM even though it provides the principal diagnostic criteria used by mental health professionals in assessing the incidence of mental disorders? 4. What are some of the ways cognitive bias leads to both the development and maintenance of anxiety? How is the brain involved in anxiety in terms of brain areas, neurotransmitters and networks? Select three different anxiety disorders in the DSM-5. Describe the conditions and what specific treatments and therapies would be employed to address each of these anxiety disorders.

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