Theories of Goldman and DuBois-Sociology Essay

Sociology Essay

To begin with the readings for this section covered topics like the effects of slavery. And also patriarchy on race and gender identities and experiences (DuBois and Goldman), the power of the culture industry (Adorno and Horkheimer) and a focus on the micro-politics of interaction (Goffman and Garfinkel).  In this paper, I would like you to consider how an analysis of the culture industry or an analysis of social interactions and the presentation of the self could be improved upon by considering gender and race.  In other words, if Adorno/Horkheimer or Goffman/Garfinkel had considered gender or race, how might their theories be more complete?  Choose between Adorno/Horkheimer OR Goffman/Garfinkel.

 Further Description- Theories of Goldman and DuBois

You must use the theories of Goldman and DuBois You must use at least 3 readings from this section For your theoretical application/analysis, you can use your own experiences of gender and race and produce a self-analysis, or you can use contemporary cultural/news examples from popular media to make your case.  If you use outside sources (like films, news articles, or social media), please make sure to fully cite your sources (and fully explain the film, event, or phenomenon you are analyzing).     As with your first paper, this paper asks you to compare and contrast theoretical perspectives through application.  Your analysis should be driven by a thesis statement. You need to be specific in your discussion of both the theories and the application.

  In terms of the theories, delve into the details of the analysis, provide quotes to back up your arguments.  In terms of the application, the more specific your example, the better the paper.  Your grade will be based on your ability to provide succinct and well-supported comparisons, along with details and unique applications.  The paper asks you to be both critical and creative. Due by 11:59pm, Saturday, March 20th. Specific guidelines can be found here:

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