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CHAPTER SUMMARY INSTRUCTIONS: OVERVIEW: Chapter summaries should be written and organized as if you were planning to teach someone about the material within the chapter that has never been introduced to the subject matter. You must include, define, and discuss major concepts, theories/theorists, and real-world examples that discuss the material in relation to the social word. Design your chapter summary around providing the reader with a general yet descriptive overview of the material while uplifting its significance to sociology. Chapter Summaries must be written in Times New Roman & size 12 font; a minimum of 500 words but no more than 700; in ASA format (i.e. American Sociological Association).

Further Description

INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH The introduction paragraph should provide a high-level description of the respective chapter you have chosen to summarize. Within the paragraph, you should seamlessly include the following in essay format: I. The chapter you have chosen to summarize; II. The key points throughout the chapter that you will discuss; III. Key questions that the reader should keep in mind that are answered throughout the chapter; (e.g. What is a sociological imagination? What makes an issue a social problem? Finally what are the dominant theoretical perspectives in sociology?)IV. A thesis statement that explains how the information within the chapter is significant to sociology as a social science.


Within the body of the chapter summary you must include key concepts, theories/theorist, and real-world examples that relate the material to social world. It is important to explain the material as if you were teaching it to someone who is learning it for the first time—be descriptive, detailed, and technical. Write as if you are the professor teaching to a student in an introduction to sociology class. When you first introduce a key concept and/or theory/theorist it should be italicized or in bold; this is for readability so that they may be easily identifiable. CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH: In the conclusion paragraph you should readdress dominant themes discussed throughout your paper. Revisit  questions that readers propose that have answers throughout your chapter summery. Finally, end with explaining the significance of the material as it is relevant to sociology.

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