Socratic 4 on Antigone and Lysistrata’s

Socratic 4 on Antigone and Lysistrata’s

Overview: We are finishing up our unit on human rights, responsibility, and social change. To practice forming arguments and gathering evidence – you will write two quality pages (approximately 250 words each) since we are social distancing and can’t be in a typical seminar format. Socratic Seminar #4 directions:—support your responses with evidence and direct quotes from plays and other sources (author #).**You must answer two questions using logic and support from the texts to be in the “A” range (500 words).(1) Discuss Lysistrata’s argument for withholding sex and the political establishment’s argument for war. Which is more powerful? Why? Discuss Antigone’s argument for burying her brother and Creon (the political establishment’s) argument for him not getting a proper burial.

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Secondly discuss ego, seduction and argument in Antigone and Lysistrata.(3) Frankenstein’s speech to the men of Walton’s ship (on page 212) echoes Dante’s Ulysses, “Do not deny yourselves the experience, following the sun, of the unpeopled world. Consider your origin: you were not formed to live like beasts, but to pursue power and knowledge” (Inferno XXVI 118-120). Discuss this advice as it relates to any of the texts this semester. (4) Discuss the use of ethos, pathos, logos, and other aspects of rhetoric in Antigone and Lysistrata.(5) Discuss the given reasons behind and the facts of the bombings of Dresden (if you read optional text Slaughterhouse-Five), the “wars” in Antigone and Lysistrata, and sexual slavery/human trafficking.

How did the military/government justify these injustices? Why were the facts about Dresden withheld from the American public so long? Why does it seem like there are so many difficult topics we don’t like to talk about in America? Give some examples of how this suppression of facts continues to this day. Include your own views. Do you agree or disagree with the actions of the government?. Finally are there ever times when it is important for government to withhold information from the public?

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