Socratic Seminar – Response Paper

Socratic Seminar

Overview: We have finished our Transcendentalism unit and studied essays and people, watched videos and movies, found what philosophers valued, what you value, read psychological studies and articles on happiness, and studied politics and power. We will continue to look at laws, obedience, civil disobedience, and rights with Antigone in our next unit. Directions: It is time to choose two questions to answer for our Socratic and show your knowledge, understanding, and evaluation of the material. Since we are not in class to discuss – please submit your responses to the text box or upload your files in docx or pdf. Crotwell 1C Socratic #3*Remember to cite from texts and use direct quotes (author #) to support your responses. Finally responses must be typed and total approximately 250 words each answer.

Further Description

**You must answer two questions using logic and quoted support from the texts (with analysis) to be in the “A” range (500 words).(1) How does the theme of dissent and disobedience play out in The Point? What is the significance of the most pointed thing in the pointed forest? The round things? Any other important aspects?(2) Touching upon such issues as just and unjust law, participatory democracy, and civil disobedience; tie in The Point with both “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and “The Perils of Obedience.”(3) Choose another Emerson quote (besides “know thyself”) from an essay. Explain it, apply it to life, and discuss why it is valuable.

Connect these ideas to transcendental ideas.(4) How do aspects of transcendentalism affect us today? Why? How do items discussed in Julius Caesar affect us today? Why?(5) Discuss Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” (what the term means, points of the essay, how he feels about government, and how our society has benefited and still can benefit in the future).(6) Using two of the handouts/readings, discuss how certain things you read, see, or experience affect your worldview/philosophy of life.

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