Market Indices- Stock and ETFs

Stock Market Indices and ETFs



Stock market indices

Major US Stock Market Indices and ETFs   Tentative Outline –       Introduction   –       History of Indices o   The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) o   Evolution and Trends   –       Explanation de Price Weighted Indices o   Explanation and Calculations o   (Again) The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) o   Stock SPLIT implications on the Dow   –       Value Weighted Indices o   Explanation and Calculations o   The S&Ps (eg. S&P 500) o   The Nasdaq composite and the Nasdaq 100   –       Do Indices convey information about future firm, sector or economic performance?   –       The VIX o   What is the VIX? (Volatility) o   Implications and relationship with the rest of the Indices (Individually) Eg)   stock market indices

Stock market indices

                    –       COVID 19’s implications on market Indices .Index Funds and Indexation . ETFs o   ETFs tracking the major Indices (Passively managed) o   Actively vs. Passively managed ETFs (Not Essential to the paper, can skip). o   Non-traditional ETFs (Leveraged and Inverse) and relation to market Indices   –       Conclusions       NOTE TO WRITER:   This paper should reflect a more in-depth analysis of the major US stock market indices (Dow and S&P). A good idea is to DISCUSS SOME OF THE FINDINGS on one or more of the scholarly sources (or articles) I provide in the attachments

. These discussions can fit in many (if not all) of the bullet points I provided for the paper.   I provided many sources, and the citations are below. However, you can use any other sources you see fit. Also, there should be in text citations to demonstrate that the scholarly sources were read and used.   The paper can include graphs and charts to better portray ideas.    The outline is something I (Renzo Lara) entirely came up with. However, the writer may modify it as he or she sees fit.   Remember: I would much rather like an in-depth analysis and discussion than a brief description on each of the bullet points. So, if you think I provided to many bullet points, you can skip or ignore some.

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