Strategic Reasoning Antigone

Strategic Reasoning Antigone

Directions: Go to the English 1C Critical Thinking Stuff module, go to Tutorials, Resources, Readings and open link. When you get to home page (Critical Thinking) go to the top Tutorials, click on down arrow to Strategic Reasoning and work through entire module. To help you connect these ideas – (using the module and the play Antigone) please answer the following questions.(The above is a roundabout way to get there if this link is not working.) Strategic Reasoning (Links to an external site.)When you get to Classifying Problems in the Strategic Reasoning tutorial (G02) go through the steps for Antigone (the character).1) Define her problem2) Classify her problem3) Explain her mixed questions (evaluate whether her action is morally right or wrong? consequences?

motives behind her action?)When you get to G03 Solving Problems4) what is Antigone’s plan? Why? In G10 Formal Decision Theory5) why is Antigone’s decision a Maximax at the beginning? Why does it also connect to Decision Making under Risk? Explain. In our previous study of Values tutorial with Transcendentalism, go back to U10 Types of Rights and look back at the four types:6) Right -claim/rights/duty Explain how Antigone views her right and duty to her brother, to Creon, and to the Gods.7) Right – privileges (liberties) Explain how and why Creon feels that Antigone has “no claim right” because…and explain why he feels he is entitled to “privilege”…8) Right – power/authority

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Why does Creon feel he has all of the “power/authority” rights? How does this affect the community? Why?9) Right – immunities How does Antigone counter his authority right with the “immunity” rights argument? Why does she feel she should be “immune” to Creon’s authority? Explain. Go to S4 at the end of this module to Further Reading – click on the link “A Philosophical article on Rights” from The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Go to section 2.1 The Form of Rights: The Hohfeldian Analytical System (we just used it for the four previous questions – about claim, privilege, power, and immunity)

Notice each description in the system explanation contains a biconditional (one of our vocab words meaning if and only if argument – an argument with two conditions) – similar to an “if-then”, cause and effect argument but with two “ifs”10) Write me a true argument biconditional concerning the claim/privilege/power/immunity of any of the following characters: Antigone, Creon, Tiresias or Harmon (choose one).

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