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The aim of this research is to identify strategies that one can  use to address barriers to sustainable clothing in the fashion industry.

Thematic Analysis

The research objectives that the thematic analysis relates to include. Also to analyse how customers have opinions towards the quality of sustainable fashion have changed. Thirdly to investigate what practices have retailers change to become more sustainable; and to examine customer reactions to retailer changes. A total of 31 reviews were considered in this analysis and the selection criteria include: should contain the ratings, an indication whether they recommend the M&C collection to customers, major factor that influenced their purchase decision and the reviews should be between 2020 and 2021.

The main themes that emerged include quality, value for money, comfortability, and fitting and stylish. These themes are in  detailed in table 1 below:

 Further Fitting and stylish

Majority of the participants highlighted stylish and fitting as a major determinant of sustainable fashion whereby M&S Collection seeks to ensure that all sizes are provided to the customers with nice style that meets the demands and expectations of the targeted population. For instance, the reviews show that,

“I am very happy with purchase nice style and fit good fit Shame the other colour”, “liked the style what else to say Slimming style” This is a win, win for me. Thank you M&S.

Another participant stated,

“these jeans are just so comfortable. They fit well in all the right places and the quality is that of jeans twice the price. All this is top off with the fact they  make  them using responsibly sourced cotton.

M&S Collection is, therefore, a stylish brand that focuses on environmentally friendly, trendy and comfy wearing. Retailers are changing to sustainable fashion by considering comfy and fitting clothing while at the same ensuring that they provide sizes (small, medium or large) that fit every potential and existing customer. For instance, one of the participant indicated that,

“Yes, I recommend this…I received these last week and they are very comfortable and a great length.”

To become more sustainable, retailers can deliver comfier jackets, with great length, that look nice, fitting, perfect shape or size, lovely fur and should have neat pattern. Organic clothing is made from natural sources that do not have poisonous chemicals and pesticides and examples include cotton, bamboo, linen and hemp (Stringer, Mortimer and Payne, 2020; Yang, Song and Tong, 2017). Sustainable brands should consider the varying needs of customers by considering the demand for causal and flexible clothing in the fashion industry. Another participant shows that,



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